What Australia can learn from Spain
The trends of the Spanish market have changed from conservative workspace design, referring to enclosed space and hierarchical focuses, to more agile environments with open-plan designs; influencing, as mentioned last week..
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Proposed Melbourne Design the future of workplace design
It’s an exciting time for the workplace design and construction industry with the new plans for an entire block in Melbourne’s CBD being recently revealed. The proposed design for Melbourne’s $232-million Bourke Street Precinct Redevelopment project would see the old Council House 1 replaced with a new premise, whilst including refurbishments to the Commonwealth Bank...
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West Australian Union Police
We talk about designing for your staff and how to do it, but what exactly do your employees want out of the new office transformation? Here are a few of the main aspects that employees seek in their working space to improve their organisational satisfaction: Comfort Research has shown that efficiency and productivity are significantly...
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As an organisation, you may do doing everything right on paper, but have you looked up from the paper and looked at your surrounding workplace environment? Have you noticed the productivity of your employees slowly diminish and disappear? Perhaps your workplace design doesn’t appeal to your current and prospective employees and it is impacting your...
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Wurkspace7 office design concept
More companies now days are searching for the most efficient way to use their office space, whether it be leaner energy usages, efficient workflows, or the integration of spatial, behavioural and technical factors in the office design, etcetera. However, achieving the perfect balance of communication and collaboration in the workplace varies from business to business...
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Why you need a serendipitous space

July 24, 2018InDesign, Fit-Out Planning
Have you bumped into a person, or an idea, or a resource that was precisely what you needed at that exact moment in time? These ‘happy chances’ are what lead to meaningful, engaging and even transformative experiences; but how often do you bump into someone in your office? Most offices are designed to keep staff...
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The Industrial Office Design

November 23, 2017InDesign
Practical, visually attractive, wider and more open than ever before, the industrial office design aka ‘industrial look‘, garage aesthetic or warehouse styled office design has gained prominence over recent years. This trendy alternative design aesthetic for modern workplaces is now considered synonymous with brave and bold, innovative and organic organisational structures. What used to be...
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How influential is your office design? Your office design is simply more than brick and mortar. Ultimately, it can be the basis for how your employees perceive and approach their jobs, both individually and en masse. By strategically positioning your workspace to both facilitate and resource the day-to-day tasks of Staff, plus integrating details to...
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Lockton Group
Office design matters, whether your business is big or small. Office design is not only for your customers but more for staff. Building an environment that reflects the personality of your workforce and the character of your brand is key for organisations to truly thrive. Seven Seconds to Make a First Impression Everybody knows how...
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WeWork Washington

Flexible Office Anyone?

March 13, 2017InDesign
The rise of flexible workspace In a published article, Colliers International reports about the ‘Rise of Flexible Office Space‘. Global demand for flexible workspace is rising due to: – the influx of new generation workers – increased attention to technology and innovation – the rise of flexible working operators offering serviced offices and co-working spaces...
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