Is This Proposed Melbourne Design the Future of Workplace Design?

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Proposed Melbourne Design the future of workplace design

It’s an exciting time for the workplace design and construction industry with the new plans for an entire block in Melbourne’s CBD being recently revealed. The proposed design for Melbourne’s $232-million Bourke Street Precinct Redevelopment project would see the old Council House 1 replaced with a new premise, whilst including refurbishments to the Commonwealth Bank Building.

Future Workplace Design

However, that’s not the only exciting part! The proposed design, which may create a new landmark for Melbourne, would set the standard terms of sustainable urban design.

The suggested building’s façade would reference experience of approaching or entering a forest, with the upper facades designed to represent the canopy layer of the forest. The upper facades would achieve this through the unique design utilisation of colour and material tone to reflect weathered bark.

The statement design would be constructed and done in a manner to align with biophilic principles, blurring the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. The aim of this is essentially to connect people to nature, by providing a sanctuary space and promoting a positive impact on health and wellbeing.

Wurkspace 7 is particularly excited about this proposed design, as it is a large example of the growing trend of biophilic design in workplaces. If approved and achieved successfully, this Melbourne project has the potential to act as a catalyst for many more refits in order to incorporate the much needed biophilic aspect into working environments.

Wurkspace 7 most definitely expects the trend of experience-driven spaces to rise within the next few years as it promotes staff engagement, collaboration, and productivity by providing an office space that nurtures the employee’s workplace experience.

Are you also looking at refreshing your business environment to promote health, wellbeing and productivity? Contact Wurkspace 7 to find out how you can easily do so with the incorporation of biophilic design.

by Natassja Wynhorst

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