Nulsen Disability Services

Location: Cannington, WA

Size: 802m2

Scopes of work: design, deliver

Project Case Study

The brief for Nulsen Disability Services was to design and develop a functional, open-plan space with separate zoning. Through conceptual discussions with users, the design overcame the challenge of zoning circulation to maintain privacy and company culture in the open-plan space, whilst remaining on brand, contemporary and aesthetically welcoming.

As the crucial focus of the brief was to create the segregated zones, yet still maintain the sense of inclusivity, certain challenges developed. The design and layout planning and processes to create this approach to the tenancy required refinement and research in order to create a space that offered separate zones, whilst not diminishing the balance of an open-plan tenancy and proper circulation. The design overcame this challenge through the utilisation of central corridors and the central placements of each zone.

Wurkspace 7 successfully completed the internal demolition, base-build works, project management, new internal fitout, new exterior, landscaping and roofing of this 802sqm space within the efficient timeframe of twelve weeks.