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At Wurkspace 7, we provide office interior design solutions for businesses that will increase profits and grow the business and its people.

Imagine this: clients want to spend time in your office, employees would rather be at work than at home and your workplace becomes the envy of every prospective employee in your field.

Our credibility in the commercial interior design industry is built on years of experience working alongside some of Australia’s most reputable professionals and their businesses. We serve customers in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and beyond.

From workplace strategy to concept creation and construction, we are the trusted experts in commercial interior design and fitout.

Cash Converters Headquarters: Westralia Square, Perth, WA
Cash Converters Headquarters, Perth WA

How can the right commercial office space increase profits?

Poorly designed commercial building spaces can impact your effectiveness, productivity and bottom line.

Problem solving is the essential first step to planning and creating and space that will work for your people and your pocket.

Wasted space is a key issue many clients face. A functional and flexible workplace should be key drivers in a design brief, essential for empowering company growth in the long-term and saving overheads in the short-term.

  • Consider how many staff are away from their desks due to illness, training or meetings.
  • Consider how current spaces are cluttered with unnecessary furniture.
  • Consider spaces that are acting as a storage facility for items that are unused, unnecessary or require a specific storage solution.

We’ll also work with you to ensure you do not over-capitalise. Consider your location and your objectives in terms of operational improvement. There is a real opportunity to increase profits by decreasing overheads when re-designing a space.

Smart space planning through partnering with Wurkspace 7 for your commercial interior design project enhance the success of your business, and your people, truly setting you up for a prosperous future.

Finance Company: West Perth, WA
Finance company, Perth WA

Be the employer of choice in your industry

The environment in which you create for your employees is a vital contributing factor to their workplace satisfaction, in-turn resulting in a higher staff retention rate for your company.

A Wurkspace 7 commercial interior designer will work with you to design a human-centered workplace catered specifically for its users. Aesthetics and functionality are goals we are always certain to achieve, all while meeting our shared vision.

When word spreads about the benefits your company has to offer over others in terms of your office environment, you’ll boost your staff acquirement rate.

Understanding, however, that staff wellness and satisfaction does not solely depend on the look and feel of the workplace but also the benefits of training and professional development, the financial rewards and the company’s purpose. We can help you achieve some of these employee engagement goals, such as the communication of your corporate branding and governance through interior design.

Biophilic design incorporated into a workplace design can reduce stress, improve cognitive function, and enhance mood and creativity. What does it mean? Connecting people with nature by bringing the outside in. Don’t just think greenery, it’s not only about what we see but what we can hear, can affect the way we feel and behave. With a creative license and some extra budget, the addition of flowing water can add a real point of difference to your office space. Views to the outside can also connect people with nature. Consider your lighting, views, and their relation to the workspaces you create.

Break-out zones create casual meeting places whether that be to take a short break and a stretch from the desk to make a coffee and have a chat with a co-worker or to sit and catch up on your minutes from that last meeting. Places where people can come together and feel supported and connected are integral to employee happiness.

ABCO: Bentley, WA
ABCO, Perth WA

Small design elements can have big impact

A commercial interior design company should thrive on creating concepts and spaces that will reflect your timeline, budget, brand, and company goals.

Our interior design team is experienced and passionate in creating modern offices that last the life of your company.

Whatever your budget, you are assured that your commercial project is in the right hands.

Aesthetic elements such as lighting, materials and furnishings can add form and function to an office design or other commercial space.

When you’re working with your interior design team you have trust in knowing they are presenting what works best in-line with your brief, your brand, and your space. Whether your style is industrial, scandy, modern or rustic or your colours vibrant, cool and calm, pastel, warm, dark and moody, what you choose needs to fit your business and your space.

Don’t leave technology as an afterthought. It can be a costly mistake. Our commercial projects team will help you consider your technology needs and integrate them with other office design ideas in the concept creation. Consider video conferencing facilities and zones, hands-free technology and investing in the right air ventilation.

Finance Company: West Perth, WA
Finance company, Perth WA
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Client Testimonials

  • Modern and open plan, Wurkspace 7 conceived a collaborative space in which to promote staff development and engagement. clean lines, LED lighting and clear glazing were introduced to enhance the crisp white tones and offset city scenery, with high West Australian landmark images running full length along office walls to add a pop of colour for extra “wow” factor.

  • Thanks to your professional deign assistance, our work environment,staff satisfaction/morale and productivity, has been greatly improved.

    Mark Draper
    General Manager of WA Robert Bird Group
  • I would like to express our gratitude for the exceptional service provided to us from the moment or very first meeting to completion. Our consultant, Morgan Judd displayed levels of professionalism and attention to detail that far exceeded our expectations and is an outstanding ambassador for your company.

    Adam Rhodes
    CEO of Lockton Australia
  • The team worked hard to achieve the best ensuring there was no stone unturned during or after the construction phase to deliver an enironment built to last.