What Do Your Employees Want in Your Workplace Design?

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We talk about designing for your staff and how to do it, but what exactly do your employees want out of the new office transformation?

Here are a few of the main aspects that employees seek in their working space to improve their organisational satisfaction:


Research has shown that efficiency and productivity are significantly increased when employees are comfortable. Minimising health risks and fatigue through the implementation of the ergonomics of desks and chairs can not only have greater positive impacts on employee satisfaction but also on the business’ overall performance.


Employees want an office environment which offers them quiet and private spaces for concentration, coupled with separate communal areas for collaborative and engaging sessions. Creating an office layout that provides employees with this choice increases productivity and mitigates any unwanted distractions.


Natural lighting is proven to decrease fatigue, headaches and stress, as it positively affects hormones. As many employees spend most of their day at a desk and computer, the implementation of more natural lighting can also improve moods and morale, boosting productivity.


Interesting and stimulating surroundings can also improve and encourage employee satisfaction and creativity. More modern organisational spaces are incorporating relaxed and creative designs, which is shown to provide an inspirational environment and further engagement and communication.

There are many different aspects employees seek and want out of their workplace environment, varying from specialities and daily tasks and activities. Contact Wurkspace 7 today to create a clear and concise understanding of what your employees want out of your workplace’s environment.

by Natassja Wynhorst

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