What Australia Can Learn from Spain: Their Response to Workspace Design

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What Australia can learn from Spain

Last week we began an introduction into one of the world’s leading countries of flexible and co-working environments: Spain.

The trends of the Spanish market have changed from conservative workspace design, referring to enclosed space and hierarchical focuses, to more agile environments with open-plan designs; influencing, as mentioned last week, a greater increase of co-working spaces. This evidently has ranked Spain as the third in Europe in the ranking of shared spaces.

Spanish society is moving towards more tech-based solutions, allowing Spanish companies to better understand the importance of the design for working environments, and resulting in further value through design.

A great example of Spain’s workplace change is the design of a Spanish workplace, House of Creatives.

Are you looking to relocate to a larger workplace for the better of your employees and business? Perhaps the transition into a refitted, yet older building may be the next step for your organisation.

House of Creatives is a Spanish business, aimed at creative industries. The Spanish response to the workplace design, as discussed, is evident in this example as the edgy space integrates a creative gallery space, with workspace and an event environment. This demonstrates a wonderful approach to the destination workplace.

Are you ready to change your response to workplace design? Australia is slowly coming to the realisation of the importance of workplace design, specific for the industry, purpose, functionality, and staff.

Join the European movement and get ahead of the competition in Australia; contact Wurkspace 7 to find out how.

by Natassja Wynhorst

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