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Charlotte North Carolina Skyline

Last week, Wurkspace 7 began the global tour of various intelligent buildings that are shaping the way modern workplaces can and should be designed and constructed.

We began exploring the unique intelligent and sustainable aspects of the Capital Tower in Singapore, and now we are flying over to North Carolina (NC) in the USA.

Duke Energy Center, Charlotte, NC

Duke Energy Center

Duke Energy Center boasts the highest green certification, LEED Platinum, as the 51-floor skyscraper can reuse about 37.8-million litres of harvested water annually, including groundwater, rainwater, and HVAC condensation. This unique ability meets about 80% of the cooling tower’s water needs and 100% of the building’s irrigation needs.

Not only this, but this intelligent office building is home to a landscaped roof garden, which reduces stormwater run-off and utilises the plants to capture excess heat.

This building also incorporates daylight harvesting blinds which move with the angle of the sun to reflect natural light deeper into the interior, mitigating the need for artificial light and reduces the energy consumption.

Duke Energy Center is not only an intelligent building, but it is also a benchmark for global practices in sustainability in the workplace. Not only is its unique design reducing the building’s carbon footprint, but it is also offering a workplace in which reflects company values and aligns with the modern beliefs of employees.

Are you ready to create a workplace that is a leader in future thinking for all companies? Simple inclusions such as Duke Energy Center’s daylight harvesting blinds to reduce your artificial light usage are excellent starts on the path of intelligent workplaces.

Contact Wurkspace 7 today to find out how we can help you design and construct your newer and smarter office.

by Natassja Wynhorst

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