Why Invest in a Good Workplace Design: Recruitment and Retention

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As an organisation, you may do doing everything right on paper, but have you looked up from the paper and looked at your surrounding workplace environment? Have you noticed the productivity of your employees slowly diminish and disappear?

Recruitment And Retention

Perhaps your workplace design doesn’t appeal to your current and prospective employees and it is impacting your retention and recruitment.

The most innovative businesses are found to have well-designed workplace environments, allowing their employees to focus and collaborate. Good workplace design can also give the employees of the space a chance to work in different areas, suiting their different needs at different times; this develops and furthers their creative potential.

Employees who are dissatisfied with their working environment are more likely to leave the organisation and move to competitors offering the desired workplace environment.

It is also shown that when holding interviews for your organisation at your workplace location, the interviewee wants to see an appealing design. They want to see that they will spend their five days a week in an environment that stimulates, encourages and inspires them.

Investing in good workplace design is a transformative project, which significantly benefits your organisation immediately and in the long-term. An organisation’s employees are the backbone of the service delivery, therefore offering a space in which encourages them to excel and be more productive is essential to your organisation’s retention and attraction.

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by Natassja Wynhorst

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