Why you need a serendipitous space

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Have you bumped into a person, or an idea, or a resource that was precisely what you needed at that exact moment in time?

These ‘happy chances’ are what lead to meaningful, engaging and even transformative experiences; but how often do you bump into someone in your office?

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Most offices are designed to keep staff focused on their work, however, this often results in a design in which limits any interaction. With the growing awareness of the benefits in interactions and collaboration in order to improve productivity and office, morale has morphed design concepts to create ‘Serendipitous Spaces;’ Spaces which are specifically designed for employees to ‘bump into each other.’

An office space without the ability of staff members to interact and collaborate may see the lack of not only productivity but also the workplace culture, as ‘barriers’ will form between employees and supervisors. A ‘serendipitous space’ will ultimately encourage employees to move around, improving their physical and mental health by conversing with others.

Do you think your office space needs to be more ‘serendipitous?’

Often the key to this is designing and constructing an open space that utilises the ABW Approach; an approach in which Wurkspace7 is highly specialised in. Have a conversation with us today, to find out how we can help your employees.

by Natassja Wynhorst

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