The Most Common, Yet Avoidable Mistakes Made When Designing a New Workplace: Part 3

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Mistakes One Size Fits All

We near the end of our four-part series this month, discussing the four most common, yet avoidable, mistakes seen when diving into the design of your new workplace. We have explored the ramifications of not listening to the employees and implementing too many gimmicks, with this series’ second-last ‘mistake’ being the assumption that one size fits all.

Assuming one size fits all

Assuming One Size Fits All

To put it simply: One size does not fit all. A blanket solution to your unique office space is not the right decision, and as discussed last week, just because certain elements and methods fit another business’ workplace, it does not mean it will necessarily work for yours. In most cases, creating a hybrid approach between design styles, elements and strategies will work best, as it can be tailored to suit your organisational values, culture and working style.

Below are a few common elements in which can cause or contribute to this assumption:

  • Creating an open plan design, with no designated quiet spaces,
  • Inhibiting interaction between departments, thus creating a disjointed flow,
  • Adopting an Activity Based Working (ABW) or Agile workplace environment, yet not educating the employees on how to make the best out of the new strategies, and
  • Designing the workplace to suit only one specific working style or personality.

Wurkspace 7’s experience and expertise solidify the belief that the design of a workplace is unique to each organisation. Due to this, the design of the space should be tailored to the unique organisational culture and values in order to promote the best productivity and morale.

Are you ready to tailor your workplace design to suit your workplace? Contact Wurkspace 7 today and let us help you reflect your unique business in its physical environment.

by Natassja Wynhorst

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