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Office fitouts can be stressful, time-consuming and costly, but not with Wurkspace7! Wurkspace7 is your local Perth office fitout team comprised of highly skilled and experienced Designers, Project Managers and construction professionals. Our in-house resources provide you with a huge range of service solutions, tailored to your exact needs. Even better, by leaving your project in...
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Is your office fitout a reason for staff to stay, or leave? In this modern age, knowledge workers are becoming more valuable than ever before. However, getting (and keeping) the best talent is getting harder and ‘where’ someone works is becoming more about the office and amenities than the name on the door.  Savvy employees are more...
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Office Transformation
Office transformation pays big dividends. ROI is a common term in corporate business. But do you understand your own office can provide a strong return if you’ve invested wisely in the space? So, what are the Top 5 ways an office redesign can up your return? No need to move Moving is costly. By maximising...
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Reception Area

Unmanned Reception Areas

July 17, 2019InDesign
With the rise of greater technology, a new phenomenon is sweeping over corporate foyers all across the nation in recent years: the unmanned reception area. Cognitively it makes sense to let technology do what it does best, which is automate and reduce.  However, the strangeness of walking into a corporation that lacks a human face...
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Office Image
Constructing a great office is often equated to huge expense, and even more stress. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether you are looking to renovate, refurbish, or even build a brand-new office on a tight budget, a professional approach can make a world of difference to the timeframe, quality of outcomes and...
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Smart offices support better brand identity, culture and performance.  They maximise spatial efficiency and improve outcomes. Quite simply, they make sense. Whether you’re looking to renovate, refurbish or relocate office space, every square metre should be working as hard as you do.  Raising your infrastructure’s I.Q. depends on the strategic arrangement of your architectural space, your technology and your people to really achieve organisational outcomes.  People How energised is your workforce? How engaged is...
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Influencing Workplace Design
As experts within the workplace design and construct industry with a passion to provide the best possible project delivery to all clients, Wurkspace 7 continuously develops and follows new research within the industry. This allows us to help you understand how businesses are evolving, how to keep up with the competitors, or surpass them, and...
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The Ride of Living Walls

The Rise of Living Walls

April 16, 2019InDesign
Biophilic design and living walls have become increasingly more common place as businesses are realising the extensive benefits the natural environment and elements have on their employee’s work ethic and productivity. The awareness of biophilic design has skyrocketed and now leading design and construct companies are now referring to it as an expectation within the...
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Dubai Skyline
This week we reach the end of this month’s series exploring some of the world’s most intelligent and sustainable buildings. So far, we have visited the Capital Tower in Singapore, the Duke Energy Center in the USA, and The Crystal in the United Kingdom. This week we will end with another famous landmark, this time...
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London Skyline
Throughout this month, Wurkspace 7 has been taking you on a global tour of the world’s most intelligent business buildings that are utilising strategic approaches towards the Internet of Things (IoT) and sustainable practices. Smart designs such as this, influence greater efficiency and effectiveness in the way the building is utilised by employees and management....
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Charlotte North Carolina Skyline
Last week, Wurkspace 7 began the global tour of various intelligent buildings that are shaping the way modern workplaces can and should be designed and constructed. We began exploring the unique intelligent and sustainable aspects of the Capital Tower in Singapore, and now we are flying over to North Carolina (NC) in the USA. Duke...
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The IoT facilitate systems that deliver useful information that is more accurate than ever before. The end goal of this is to provide the best possible experience for all building tenants through greater performance and the driving of real values.
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