What do amazing offices have in common?

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Our Senior Interior Architectural Designer, Natalie Newton, talks about what makes an amazing office.

“As a professional Interior Designer with over 20 years of industry experience, I’ve been privileged to work with progressive companies to create amazing offices. All these offices displayed 7 key elements which I’d love to share with you to integrate in your own space.  Find out how small changes can make a big difference! “

Zenittas Office Lobby

7 keys to creating amazing offices: 

1. Brand

All great offices promote their brand through a variety of elements including colour theory, biophilic elements, textures, spatial allocations and finishes.  The brand becomes more than a statement on the wall and is drawn into the very fabric of the tactile environment.

2. Communication

Great offices facilitate regular communication between team members and designate spaces for authentic engagement and collaboration.  These spaces are of immense value as they are often the place where new ideas and innovations are born.

3. Materiality

Great offices blend man-made and organic finishes, like plants and concrete, to appeal more holistically to users and avoid a sense of ‘sameness’ which can be associated with an over-use of similar finishes.

4. Adaptability

Progressive offices are always on the move and therefore value adaptable designs which can quickly respond to an ever-changing business climate.

5. Colour theory

Colourisation has a huge impact on the user response and works to immediately set the tone and atmosphere of any space. Offices which effectively leverage colour theory to both direct, and reflect, the user’s mood within the space will be better received and utilised overall.

6. Technology

Making the ‘doing’ of work as easy as possible is the responsibility of all organisations seeking to attract and retain quality staff. Video conferencing facilities, media tables and mobile technology to support agile ways of working can all be integrated to facilitate smarter solutions.

7. Multiple spaces

Agility and flexibility are valued more now than ever before.  Offices that acknowledge the best solutions aren’t always achieved at your desk allow plenty of varied spaces to support great results.

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