What’s Influencing Workplace Design?

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Influencing Workplace Design

As experts within the workplace design and construct industry with a passion to provide the best possible project delivery to all clients, Wurkspace 7 continuously develops and follows new research within the industry.

Influencing Workplace DesignThis allows us to help you understand how businesses are evolving, how to keep up with the competitors, or surpass them, and simply answer the common question of “What is currently influencing workplace design?”

Here are three interesting elements that are currently influencing the workplace design and construct industry.

Top talent is shrinking
Many larger countries will face talent shortages as their workforce ages. This talent shortage will slowly start to challenge companies to find and keep top talent. They are realising they need to engage employees with workplaces that support their needs and wants and are beginning to reflect that in corporate designs.

Employee engagement matters
Engaged employees can boost a company’s performance and bottom line by up to 20%. However, disengaged employees unfortunately outnumber the number of engaged employees. To create further engagement within the team, the workplace can be designed in a way to act as a communicating tool by providing spaces that invite collaboration.

Building can help or hinder productivity
The workplace’s building can improve the overall productivity and performance of an organisation by as much as 12.5%, but it can also reduce the by as much 17%. That’s why is it important to design a workplace’s building with a clear consideration of distractions such as background noise, and other elements such as lighting, fresh and clean air, and quality work environments.

From each of these trends, we can see a pattern of a chain effect within the workplace. This pattern is the workplace design influences the employees, which influences the organisation’s productivity, which ultimately influences the success and longevity of a company.

The design and build of your workplace need careful consideration in order to align with the company objective and employee needs and wants

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