Why your own office could be your biggest investment?

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Office Transformation

Office transformation pays big dividends.

Modern Office Design

ROI is a common term in corporate business.
But do you understand your own office can provide a strong return if you’ve invested wisely in the space?

So, what are the Top 5 ways an office redesign can up your return?

  1. No need to move

Moving is costly. By maximising what you have, it can save you a whole new outlay.

  1. More staff, same floorspace

A clever redesign can mean you fit more staff into the same tenancy, without compromising on outcomes.

  1. Better energy efficiency

Every little bit adds up. By introducing simple changes like energy efficient lighting or reducing walls, you can save thousands off your power and service charges.

  1. Boost in morale

A new office design is exciting and promotes feelings of pride and enthusiasm.

  1. Heightened productivity

Electronics giant Samsung surveyed over 400 business resulting in a respectable 16% productivity jump by those employing new ways of working through smart office design.

  1. Better ways of working

Organisations like Bankwest cite 90% of staff would not go back to their old ways of working following moving to new flexible ways of working.

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