Are you losing good staff because of a bad office fitout?

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Is your office fitout a reason for staff to stay, or leave?

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In this modern age, knowledge workers are becoming more valuable than ever before.

However, getting (and keeping) the best talent is getting harder and ‘where’ someone works is becoming more about the office and amenities than the name on the door.  Savvy employees are more informed than ever and are increasingly shopping around for the best environment in which to work. 

If your staff are looking longingly at your competitors, you might want to consider introducing these 8 elements in your office, pronto!

  1. Purpose:

    make the ‘why’ of your work visible in your workplace and tailor the space to meet staff needs.

  2. Collaboration:

    keep your staff connected to each through interactive zones and adaptable furniture options to boost learning opportunities, comradery, and outcomes.

  3. Fitout:

    develop a modern, bright and ergonomic space which can be configured to suit a variety of tasks.

  4. Incentives:

    staff will work the extra hours as long as the benefits go both ways.

  5. Flexibility:

    develop mobile options and let employees shape work around their other lifestyle committments.

  6. Development:

    articulate a pathway and provide aspirational opportunities for those looking to progress.

  7. Technology:

    make the ‘doing’ easier through the use of easily accessible agile technologies.

  8. Benefits: 

    invest in the wellbeing of your staff to show them you care.  Start talking gym memberships and health insurance packages to see your employee’s eyes light up!

If your staff are using a tired office fitout as a reason to move on, reach out to Wurkspace7 today at  Our expert design and construction team can help you create an office your staff never want to leave! makes people want to come to work.

For over 30 years, Wurkspace7 has been helping companies all over Australia fit out offices from 200sqm to 2,000sqm.  So why not call and have an obligation-free discussion with one of our Project Executives on 1800 973 836 today!

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