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We talk about designing for your staff and how to do it, but what exactly do your employees want out of the new office transformation? Here are a few of the main aspects that employees seek in their working space to improve their organisational satisfaction: Comfort Research has shown that efficiency and productivity are significantly...
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As an organisation, you may do doing everything right on paper, but have you looked up from the paper and looked at your surrounding workplace environment? Have you noticed the productivity of your employees slowly diminish and disappear? Perhaps your workplace design doesn’t appeal to your current and prospective employees and it is impacting your...
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Workplace design has the most significant impact on the level of employee productivity and motivation. With this in mind, how exactly can you create a workplace environment in which promotes the highest levels of productivity? Here are some tips Wurkspace 7 has put together to assist you with your workplace transformation. Designing for your staff...
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Advancing Communication Through Workplace Design

June 20, 2018InBusiness, Fit-Out Planning
Have you thought about the significance of communication within your business? Communication within the workplace is a greater integral factor within an efficient workplace than most initially believe. So how can you advance your workplace communication through design? Dedicating a breakroom The habit of staff members eating at desks has a negative impact on the...
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Healthy Workers = Healthy Workplace = Healthy Business Is your absenteeism rate high? Are your staff happy and collaborating or are they too silent? Is work quality riddled with regular errors and too many missed deadlines? Are people always snacking or frequently on cigarette breaks? Is your office an environment where people want to come...
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