Five Workplace Statistics You Need to Know

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Wurkspace 7 knows that the world is changing, and for the better.

With that knowledge, we have done some research, and through the collective gathering of information from the Steelcase Global Report: Engagement and the Global Workplace, and the Global Workplace Analytics Statistics, we have put together our top five statistics we believe you should know.

  1. 85% of employees say they would like to work remotely, at least part of the time,
  2. 55% of typical employees spend most of their working time away from their desk,
  3. Up to 40% of office space can be vacant at any time,
  4. Only 13% of employees are engaged and satisfied with their working environment, and
  5. One-third of employees say they will consider leaving their job due to a negative working environment,

These five amazing statistics are not fictional; they are facts that need to be taken into consideration when developing and improving your workplace environment. By taking them into consideration, you will not only be improving employee productivity, motivation and retention, but you will also reduce your organisational costs and boost efficiency in service delivery.

If you are concerned that your organisation reflects one these issues outlined in the statistics, reach out to us. Wurkspace 7 can help you, help your organisation.

by Natassja Wynhorst

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