Does your office have this common problem?

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Common office problems you might be ignoring all this time.

Empty Office

If you have one of these common office problems, now is the time to consider this as your next project.

Too many staff but not enough desks!

Is your office struggling to fit everyone?

Inadequate staff accommodation is a huge issue and can quickly lead to poor performance, absenteeism, OHSE risks and more.

Dull, drab and dreary

Ouch! If that’s you, an outdated or uninspiring aesthetic can dampen more than just the mood!

Don’t kill off your culture through a letting a bad paint job or some old-fashioned furnishings let you down.

If your office looks like it’s stuck in 1985 with a ‘grey-on-grey’ palette that makes your staff and customers feel perpetually wintry, you need to act!

Interiors can energise, motivate and inspire people, with this kind of momentum more easily achieved than you might imagine! Thoughtfully designed spaces, a modern and inviting colour palette and a diverse use of materials can take your brand off the mission statement and solidify it into your architecture.

Poorly designed spaces that waste your hard-earned money

Did you know poorly designed office space impacts heavily on your productivity, effectiveness and, most importantly, your bottom line?

Here is a common scenario:

Out of 100 staff, you will have an average of 10 vacant desks daily due to those on leave, training, at meetings etc.

You allow 10m2/per person which is industry standard, and pay $400/m2.

According to this calculation, you’re wasting $40,000/year on empty space!

Too much unused space

Are you watching your profit margin shrink as you continue servicing empty or unused space?

If you’ve rightsized or reduced your headcount and now have excess space to deal with, here are 4 smart ways to optimise those extra metres.

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