The Components of an Engaging Office

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Having an engaging office is the ultimate end goal for every business. The term ‘engaging’ encompasses the ideas of productivity, brand authenticity, improved revenue and positive office culture.

Do you believe you have an ‘engaging office?’

To answer this accurately and determine the level of alignment of your business, you must not confuse ‘activity’ with ‘results.’

Wurkspace 7 believes that every office has the ability to be engaging and has listed three key components to which contribute to the offices’ effectiveness.


The level of flexibility within the working environment is essential to the positive mindsets of the employees who keep the business afloat. Having flexibility allows all office users to make working conditions that suit them. Not only does this create a healthy work-life balance, but it also improves productivity and proves the value of all users.


Within the modern world, change is inevitable, and the way your business embraces or refuses to embrace, the change is pivotal to its success. Wurkspace 7 understands there will be those who find it hard to implement any changes to their workplace strategy by following the sentiment of ‘why fix what is not broken?’ However, the adaptability of an office does not only ‘fix’ the environment but it improves it. Your office must be able to adapt to changes in the market, consumer needs, population growth and technological advancements to stay in demand.

Tailored Spaces

Tailoring the layout, design, and objects within certain areas of office space to align with its desired use is essential. Having an area equipped with the needs to perform critical functions increases the capacity of engagement and productiveness from employees. An individual’s office space should be supplied with the essentials to complete their tasks in order to mitigate the distraction of sourcing materials.

The success of an office is a result of various attitudes, strategies and performances. The components discussed are the three common components Wurkspace 7 regards essential in the success of all business’ and implements these beliefs into every project.

Do you believe you have the foundations of a lucrative office in the future? Start your journey to transformation by enlisting the help of Wurkspace 7 today and imagine the difference.

by Natassja Wynhorst  

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