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Have you thought about how well you’re using each square meter of your current office? Do you think you are getting value for money, or just wasting space?

Downsizing your office could be your solution. Let’s talk about some of the key benefits a smaller office space can have.


Save on costs

You pay for your office space by the square meter, so, why Pay for space that isn’t being used to its full potential?  By downsizing your workspace relevant to your needs, you will see your savings grow in both the long and short-term. Smaller spaces are usually cheaper to lease and generate returns by optimizing your footprint and avoiding wastage on unnecessary amenities or unused desking.

Save on energy consumption

Downsizing your space also means decreasing your energy consumption.  Without the need for expansive lighting, heating or cooling systems you will save energy bills and also mitigate your carbon footprint as a business to better promote environmentally friendly values.

save on office energy

An increase of business in the ideal locationincrease in business

Reducing your office space can even generate more business.  Due to popularity and demand, highly sought after corporate spaces reside in high-density locations, with both size and availability often limited.  Being able to access a community aligned with your organisation’s targeted audience, such as within the CBD, can generate much more foot traffic and exponentially increase exposure.

At Wurkspace 7, we understand that ‘big’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘best’.  

By downsizing to a smaller space you can increase staff productivity, engagement and retention, whilst also maintain organisational sustainability and mitigate unnecessary costs.

Could downsizing be the best step for your business? 

Contact our experienced Consultants to discuss your property needs and find out today. Alternatively, try our Calculators & Tools to see if downsizing your office can save you money here

by Natassja Wynhorst

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