Can you identify an ‘improved’ way of working?

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Have you assessed the productivity and efficiency of your staff members recently?

Assessing the productivity of your organisation regularly is essential in understanding the strategies in place to achieving your organisational goals and how they are progressing and how they need to be improved.

These routine assessments will lead you to ask yourself, ‘Do I need to start a change?’

Surveying Staff

Providing staff with a survey to assess the productivity and overall attitudes is a simple task to create simple answers. This reflects on the organisation in a way of valuing and caring for the staff, it also shows the willingness to change processes in response to the survey. However, not all employees’ answers within the survey will reflect the expert knowledge of opinions within the workplace. Many workplace strategies that need to implement may not be addressed within staff surveys as they may be a matter more complicated and unknown to the support staff.

wurkspace 7 - workplace strategyDetermining Key Concerns

Do you understand the information your staff has given you? It is possible there may be varying concerns outlined for you; however it is important to determine the key concerns in which change should be made. Determining the most important concerns out of various untrained opinions can take up time and resources. Expertise and knowledge are needed to assess the importance of the external and internal issues and if they are a current problem or future problem. Understanding this and facilitating a workplace strategy to change this, creates a path for your businesses ‘improved’ way of working.



Analysing the Capacity for Change

Once the key concerns are expertly determined, you need to visualise an ‘improved’ way of working to fix or avoid any further issues within your business. To begin this change to an ‘improved’ way of working, the adaptability of your business must be sufficient. Whether it’s a human, physical, capital or financial change, the capacity of these aspects affects the type and scale of the change in your business. Do you think your business has the capacity for the change needed?

Creating change in your business is not always about fixing a problem – it can be about preventing any future problems as well. Expertise knowledge is recommended to aid your business in assessing the immediate necessary changes and creating specific strategies to achieve an ‘improved’ way or working. Many fall into the idea of change being a simple process, however, this only creates larger debts and more issues; Wurkspace 7’s experts are ready to help you create the change you need for the better.

by Natassja Wynhorst

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