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How do I create a workplace that reflects our brand?

Your office is the epicentre of your brand and should reflect your culture, your values and the diversity of your staff and their contribution.  If your office is dark, dreary and drab, this scheme will reflect in the attitudes of your staff and the perceptions of your client base.

To avoid being passed over by exacting consumers or professionals courting other options, imagine how your office space can act as a tool to invigorate your culture and supercharge your brand.

Here are 10 quick ideas to get you started:

Workplace that reflects branding

Have tailored message on the walls which are meaningful to your staff, not just stock posters


Use glazing as a canvas to outwork themes and tell stories


Integrate colours from your brand palette into your carpet and textiles


Incorporate spaces to focus on staff or customer needs


Equip meeting rooms with the relevant tools and technology needed to achieve outcomes


Embrace progressive layout and remove offices to boost collaboration and demonstrate business transparancy


Select furniture for its aesthetic, as well as its functional appeal


Determine your layout based on the principles of diversity and inclusion


Use TV’s or projectors to display a meaningful moving picture


Value innovation through provision of a dedicated space or tool e.g. a blackboard wall

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