Our Standards

We Take Our Corporate Responsibility Seriously

As an industry leader, maintaining the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility is at the heart of all business operations, alongside the moral obligation to support responsible behaviour through the entire supply chain.

This is achieved in four ways:

  • Operating high-level quality management
  • Holding appropriate insurances
  • Working to a sustainable ideal
  • Adhering to sky-high safety standards

Quality Management

Staff in-house QM programs are regularly monitored, and cover:

  • Customer-focused leadership,
  • Involving the right people in the right projects,
  • The benefits of good processes,
  • Systematic approaches to management,
  • The philosophy of continuous improvement,
  • Making good and evidence-based decisions,
  • and Fostering mutually beneficial supplier relationships.


Wurkspace 7 Interiors take sustainable building practices extremely seriously, ensuring all designers, architects and engineers are trained and experienced in energy-efficient and sustainable medical practices.







Wurkspace 7’s comprehensive insurance cover includes:

  • Public Liability: $50m,
  • Product Liability: $50m, and
  • Workers’ Compensation: $50m.





Wurkspace 7 is proud to have a zero-incident safety record for over the last 7 years. All staff members are trained to meet the highest safety standards and are committed to ensuring targets are maintained.




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