IT Company

Location: 109 St Georges Tce, Perth

Size: 554sqm

Scopes of work: design, deliver

Project Case Study

IT Company required an innovative and inspiring workplace to reflect its position as a company at the forefront of the technological revolution.  Wurkspace 7 responded with a semi-industrial design featuring raw, textured materials intermixed with natural, rustic, elements throughout the workspace to evoke a sensation of comfort and belonging.

Confidential client meeting spaces connect closely to open-plan staff work zones to meet the requirements of this rapidly growing international software company.  Open plan collaboration spaces, hot desks, casual meeting areas, a stand-up meeting point, phone booths for quiet work and a café style lounge all work together to provide endless alternates to traditional workspaces.

Throughout the Reception and client-facing areas, the use of natural materials such as stone, aluminium, timber and feature leather light fittings were cleverly incorporated to achieve a professional and sleek outcome.

The customer experience was also enhanced through the addition of Tea Station in the Reception area which made incoming visitors feel immediately welcome upon entering the space.