Confidential Legal Firm

Location: Perth

Size: 100m2

Scopes of work: design

Project Case Study

Architecture and aesthetic are being leveraged as mediums to express the expertise of top legal practises nation-wide.

Modern firms are responding boldly to the challenges inherent in attracting and retaining the ‘millennial lawyer’, using workplace design and strategy to appeal to young professionals while maximising available tenancy space.

This shift is resulting in tactile and creative environments which nurture the human element, as illustrated in the attached renders produced for one of our clients.

The space offers a measure of privacy to facilitate the sensitive nature of the work without detracting from the overarching promotion of collaboration and teamwork.  Staff are provided with open plan workstations where they can have regular contact with their colleagues, but still maintain a haven dedicated to individual focus work.

For those visiting, a rich colour palette and elegant furnishings in the entry and circulation spaces show the client they are highly valued and equates their experience with a high-end airport lounge rather than a simple waiting room.

With every legal firm vying for your clients’ attention, shouldn’t you be using every asset to highlight your organisational strengths?

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