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Finding the right space is key to procuring the best deal for your office.

A poorly chosen or designed office space can have long reaching effects on the health of your business and the satisfaction of your team. You could be losing money on staff turnover, or sick days or simply losing productivity. If you’re thinking of a workplace upgrade or office fitout project, and you’re seeking a new workplace, our Property Team can help you narrow down the options available and make a savvy decision. We have a national database of properties so it doesn’t matter where you’re looking or where you are based. This gives us early warning of upcoming properties (often before they hit the open market).


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Finding the right space is key to procuring the best deal for your office.

Armed with your unique profile, our Property Team will present a shortlist of tailored market options to best promote your workplace strategy.

Follow these simple steps to get started:

1. Contact the Wurkspace 7 Property Team by completing the form below.

2. Search commences immediately based on your project criteria.

3. Presentation of a shortlisted range of space options for your review.

4. Select properties to view in order of preference.

5. Negotiate the best deal. Wurkspace 7 is committed to protecting your privacy during these negotiations, with our anonymous searches designed to mitigate any risk to your current arrangements.

Wurkspace 7’s Office Space Market Search is available at no cost to you. Additional services include property negotiation, pre and post-occupancy assessments, occupancy optimisation assessments and building assessments, which are fee-based with pricing available upon application.

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Rental Market Specialists.

Book a FREE one-hour consultation to discuss office space property opportunities and how Wurkspace 7 Corporate Transformations can help you narrow down the options available.

What You Must Know When Choosing
Office Space

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There are critical aspects that needs to be taken into consideration when choosing your next medical space. Inadequate research may result in paying far more than you should, failure to attract the right customers and inability to retain valuable employees to name just a few!

Download our booklet for a practical list of pitfalls, plus the answers to the most common questions our clients ask when they are trying to uncover their perfect office space.

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We save you time and money by connecting you with the perfect office space.

Don’t waste hours looking at properties that will never suit your organisation. Let us narrow down the search. We are confident we can save you thousands.

Wurkspace7’s consultancy arm delivers accurate and insightful data on the current utilisation, occupancy and vacancy rate of your office space via our client-oriented occupancy optimisation assessments.

Using detailed reporting functionality, we highlight and present essential information to allow boards and senior management to make informed decisions in the development of positive workplace design and strategy.

Our occupancy optimisation assessments provide a new understanding of your office space, an understanding which often results in a reduced corporate footprint and accentuates previously undelivered cost savings.

Wurkspace7’s occupancy optimisation assessments are provided as a fee-based service, starting from $9.50 per square meter and generally conducted over a 3-month capture period. These assessments are highly recommended before undertaking any further market searches or office fit-outs to ensure a relevant focus and therefore reduce expenses.

Let’s talk about what Wurkspace7 can do for your business.

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Book a FREE one hour consultation to discuss how your next project can be built to reflect your expertise.
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