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Office Design & Construct

The Future of Office Design & Fit Out

A Revolution In Office Design and Construction

Wurkspace 7’s hybrid approach to office design & construct is your guarantee of success.

From inception to completion, we have hard proof that our methods will result in your project being complete 30% faster and 10% cheaper than other methods. It’s not just faster and cheaper, it’s an outstanding result too. Because when you choose Wurkspace 7 you’re choosing your architect, workplace designer, project manager, site manager, business analyst and construction team all at once. Each individual has already been carefully chosen by us for their skills and experience. This means you’re dealing with the best in the business.

Office Design and Construct is 30% Faster - 10% Cheaper

Our Hybrid Approach Speeds Up the Timeframe of your Project

Design and construct mean the design and build phase work concurrently, giving much more power over the quality of completed work because the designers are still deeply involved while construction is occurring. Timelines are reduced because there is no long gap between approval and design and the bidding/acceptance/contract process

Office Design & Construct Hybrid Approach

Other Benefits You’ll Experience are:

no build conflict - office design

No design/build conflicts because all processes happen concurrently and all stakeholders are on the same ‘team’

Timeline agreed - Office Design

Timelines agreed to by all parties are less likely to be extended

Office Design & Construct - Accurate Budget

Budgets are more likely to be accurate and adhered to because there is better communication between team members regarding materials, time and costs

extensive office design experience

Our team have extensive experience in negotiating with and engaging contractors and trades

excellent communication

Excellent communication with you via your ONE source of contact – your Project Manager who is ultimately responsible for your project

Commercial Office Furniturenew

Wurkspace7 offers a variety of commercial office furniture that will complete your work areas.

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Design and Construct

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Design and Construct Brochure

We strongly believe office design and construct is THE best way to complete any building project. We’ve even created a brochure which explains in even more depth how it works.

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