ABW is a cutting edge approach to developing a future organisation of self determination and corporate advancement.

New Ways of Working

Progressive organisations globally are seeking the edge on their competition. They are looking to achieve greater productivity, collaboration and efficiency out of less infrastructure.

This goal has seen a dramatic rise in the investigation and support for Alternative Working Strategies (AWS). The most inspiring of these is called Activity Based Working or ABW.

What is ABW or Activity Based Working?

By definition, ABW is a holistic workplace strategy focused on removing traditional hierarchical office structures and conventions and redesigning space which is ‘fit for purpose’. It’s a methodology that propagates a high level of collaboration and innovation in work environments, delivering economic, social, and environmental benefits.

Activity based working is not a simple arbitrary approach of removing offices to achieve a cultural change, it is a complex realignment of corporate behaviours into a more organic and outcome-based designation.

activity based working, Macquarie Bank

Activity Based Working, Macquarie Bank (Photo Credit: Macquarie Bank)

Most ABW environments have common elements including:

  • Team or community hubs;
  • Lockers for personal storage;
  • Unassigned desking;
  • Private working spaces;
  • Communal working spaces;
  • Third working spaces like breakout areas and in-house cafés;
  • High integration of technology.

The typical ABW environment commonly looks to reduce the number of closed offices, reduce paper dependency, eradicate dictatorial management techniques and decrease wasted office space.

What is not common, however, is a consistency in approach as many proponents look to enhance or reduce focal points for their organisation. There are differing levels of adherence and different approaches, so before embarking on a revolutionary change in your workspace, it’s important to get the right advice.

Wurkspace7 globally has been a pioneering practitioner of Activity Base Working, and we stand ready to guide you to your working future.

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