Let’s Take a Look into Your Workplace Culture

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We talk about how the environment of the workplace affects the staff, but what about the culture of the workplace? That’s just as important as it is a foundation for all members of the office.

The corporate culture is essentially the set of beliefs and values a company has, which influences every area of the business, including how the staff conduct their day to day activities.

The culture is one of the most essential components to the overall success rate of the company and there are a few components of culture I want to bring to your attention today.

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As a personal value, this is number one on my list. Respect is a sign of a strong corporate culture among all employees. Upper management should treat its lower-level employees with respect and strive to make them happy in their positions. When the staff members feel respected, it’s not a surprise that they start to perform better and stay active.

Solid communication

Another component of strong workplace culture is solid communication. To me, this means that upper-level employees and executives should be able to speak freely and confidently with lower-level employees and vice versa. Companies who implement this component generally have an “open-door policy,” or open plan office layouts. Great communication avoids miscommunications, confusion and conflicts in the workplace and builds stronger relationships.

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Community and cultural awareness

As the working environments become more culturally diverse, business owners need to be cognizant of cultural awareness to avoid any negative ramifications, which could possibly include poor morale and legal action. A person’s cultural belief influences their behaviours, dress, beliefs, values and customs and it may not be the same as others. This comes back to respect in the workplace, to understand and be aware of the difference and to appreciate it.

Authenticity to workplace culture

Last but not least, authenticity. It is one thing to promote a specific value of the business, however, it is another thing to stay true to that value. As an organisation, the workplace culture is something that must flow from your core mission statement and values, through to the way employees work to these values. Staying authentic to the values you advertise to clients and reflecting those values into the everyday workings on your staff is essential; it is the foundation for the workplace culture.

These are just four of the hundreds of components that can create the culture in your corporate environment.

At Wurkspace 7, we know the physical environment affects how the office functions, but we also aren’t blind to the fact there are numerous different aspects that can potentially make or break the business. The workplace culture is one of those aspects, as it must be a culture in which your employees should feel valued, safe and excited to be a part of.

by Natassja Wynhorst

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