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Financial Feasibility Service

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Changing your workplace should be a profitable decision

Before you begin a big project like a workplace transformation, you have to make sure you can afford it. This seems so obvious, but for many businesses, the reality of the final quote, or the unexpected nature of variations, means their original budgets are often only a distant memory by the time a project is finished.

That’s where Wurkspace 7’s approach is a game changer. Before anything is finalised, we check the feasibility of the entire project. 


How feasibility is calculated

Our business analysts gather the data they need by speaking to your representatives to extract as much information as possible.

Financial Feasibility Service

Our custom software compares floor space, layout, staff headcount, and your business requirements. It then creates several possible solutions to compare the possibilities and to meet different parameters such as budget.

It’s vital that in the future your business benefits and profits from the changes about to be made.

We help you be certain you’re choosing the most viable alternative.

Theoretical financial benefits can be plotted against different project styles, allowing you to make a decision with a reassuring level of confidence. Our experts are there to guide you through the process.

Don’t rush the decision, talk to us first

Our team include specialist workplace designers and business analysts who can crunch the numbers for you and calculate the feasibility of your workspace project. Contact us on 1800 973 836.


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