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Let’s face it. 2020 is undeniably an interesting year. We, as workspace designers realised that the lockdowns had revealed new ways to conduct work. So, what will be the design trends for 2021?

Let’s face it. 2020 is undeniably an interesting year. From facing a shortage of toilet paper and hand sanitisers to conducting team meetings with Zoom, the pandemic has changed the course of how “normal” looks like. We, as workspace designers realised that the lockdowns had revealed new ways to conduct work. Businesses still need to comply with COVID safety guidelines in the upcoming year. So, we can’t help but wonder, how will this affect the interior design of corporate spaces? What are the interior design trends for 2021 in the commercial space? It’s around the time of the year again that we start turning our focus to upcoming trends within the design industry. We’ve done our research and compiled several design trends predictions that will be trending for 2021. Let’s get started.    

Open Space Design 

Open space in offices is not considered as a new trend, but it has been growing over the last couple of years. As we approach the new year, there is likely to be a shift towards new ways of working with a range of different priorities. For instance, companies will have a greater focus on employee wellbeing and improve safety to prevent COVID. It is likely for open space to set to be one of the essential design features for 2021. It allows employees to social distance better, which will likely to be an ongoing concern at the time being. Moreover, open offices are ideal for creating collaborative spaces. By encouraging social interaction, this will help enhance productivity and company culture that correlates to improved wellbeing and business results.  

Movable Furniture  

 According to David Schwarz from HUSH, future workplaces will rely more on experience instead of on function, attracting employees back to the office with destination-worthy workplaces. Putting movable furniture can help employees to feel more comfortable in the workplace. Mobile furniture is different types of office furniture you can move with you wherever you need to work in the office. For instance, desks and chairs on wheels. Not only that, but it can also be movable partitions and walls. This can be a part of the open space concept, and by using movable office décor, you can change workstations or areas where you feel comfortable or find a quiet zone if you need one. Plus, you can create the space for social distance in an instance if you need to.   

 Resimercial Trend: Home Atmosphere in the Office space  

Have you heard of the term “resimercial”? If you haven’t yet, it’s a combination of “residential” and “commercial”. Resimercial design brings the aspects of home into the contemporary workspace. It isn’t a new trend at all but has been gaining popularity for several years now. With working from home now more commonplace than ever before, employees are becoming naturally accustomed to a more casual approach to their working days. This more laidback approach is mirrored in both the physical space but also within company culture and patterns of behaviour. Many employees have been given access to an unprecedented amount of choice and control in when, how and where they work and will want this to continue.  

Final Thoughts  

There are many predictions on how 2021 will influence the layout of office spaces and how far it will change. Who knows, it might not be what we predict after all. When it comes to office design, you’ll need to be sure to factor in the changing workplace culture, flexible working styles and employee wellbeing to create a functional office. If you’re planning on transforming your office in 2021, contact our team at Wurkspace 7 today. 

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