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Workspace Consultancy

Why a workspace consultant will do wonders for your business

A carefully designed and built work environment has multiple positive flow-on effects for any business. Our team of consultants can share their expertise with you in a dedicated discovery process to find the best possible workspace design for your business.

Benefits include:                     

  • Best use of space: Staff don’t feel crowded, or too far from key colleagues. Moving around the office is intuitive and easy.
  • Greater job satisfaction: Carefully selected décor and layout are designed to promote creativity and productivity. Staff feel cared for and valued.
  • Positive image projection: Your clients will be suitably impressed by your new stylish workspace and potential staff will aspire to work there.
  • Increased productivity: The above elements will combine to create a team who are glad to be there, enjoy their work and are loyal and dedicated to the goals of your business. Productivity will benefit, and profits too.
  • Cost reduction: High productivity means lower costs, so does less staff turnover and happy staff. Clever use of floorplan will mean a more efficient use of energy and sunlight so utility bills are likely to drop too.

It’s time to get started!

Contact the experts at Wurkspace 7 and begin the process of your own workspace consultancy. You’ll be enjoying the benefits in no time.

Strategic Consultation

This service is critical to maximise every opportunity that your workplace transformation presents. Benefit from Wurkspace 7’s experience and intelligence to unlock your workspace's potential. Strategic Consultation covers:

1. Alignment Meeting/ Corporate Analysis
2. Develop Project Brief
3. Vision Feasibility
4. Workspace Strategy
5. Key Stakeholders Meeting
6. Hubb Workplace Survey
7. Project Schedule/ Establish Project Target Sum

Vision and Strategy Tuning

We understand that design controls 63% of your project’s budget. We assist you to devise strategies to reduce unnecessary cost whilst maximising functionality. We take care of:

1. Concept Plan Development
2. 3D model Development
3. Concept Plan Approval
4. Letter of Intent
5. Pilot Space

Design Development and Cost Projections

We define and describe all important aspects of the project so that all that remains is the formal documentation step of construction contract documents. We flesh out the details prior to finalisation of the construction documents. This service includes:

1. Architectural Design Documentation
2. Engineering Detailed Documentation
3. Sub Consultant Documentation
4. Specifications and Finishes Schedule

Tender, Approvals and Documentation

We exercise care to ensure the tender documentation is complete, relevant and proportionate to your needs. From identifying and specifying your requirements to the contract awarding – you have guaranteed peace of mind with Wurkspace 7. This service covers:

1. Subcontractor Competitive Tendering
2. Council and Statutory Approvals
3. Fixed Costs Plan
4. Lump Sum Contract

Pre-site Project Management

We make arrangements to ensure your project’s site based works run seamlessly and are programmed for optimal efficiency. Under this service are:

1. Local and Global Procurement
2. Site Health and Safety Plan
3. Building Compliance Report
4. Site Establishment

Transformation, Execution and Delivery

We aim to achieve excellence in execution. We guarantee solid delivery of your intent. This service includes:

Project Management

1. Base Build Construction
2. Engineering Works structural, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic etc.
3. Interior Construction
4. Furniture Fitout

Post Occupancy Survey and Maintenance

Your project is not completed with handing over the keys. Wurkspace7's commitment to your transformation is beyond the physical environment. It’s about providing enduring service, back up and peace of mind. Whenever you need assistance, we will be there. We take care of:

1. Project Handover
2. Commissioning
3. Client Occupancy
4. Post Occupancy and Minor works
5. Operation and Maintenance Manual
6. Schedule 3/ 6/or 12 month inspection

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