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Open space work zones, furniture that is moveable and resimercial (a combination of residential and commercial) design are trends that we have seen on the increase. So, what are the new trends in 2022 you should be aware of for your new office design?

1. Technology:

Increased video conferencing facilities and zones. For connecting with colleagues who are working from home, meeting with international/national stakeholders, clients and colleagues, teleconference facilities are a must and they are needed now more than ever. Add more meeting areas with this technology and ensure you have adequate power supply, and perhaps the appropriate acoustics, to service it.

Invest in the right air ventilation, particularly if building from scratch. Research and evidence tell us that infection control can start with investing in the right air conditioning and filtration systems. Invest in a system that doesn’t rely on recirculating air. Also consider the placement of windows, out of the direct line of people will help reduce the risk of spreading infection.

Hands-free technology such as touchless timesheet keeping, building access, and making a coffee from an app on your mobile device will emerge as the new norm.

2. Employee wellness:

Biophilic design incorporated into a workplace design can reduce stress, improve cognitive function, and enhance mood and creativity. What does it mean? Connecting people with nature by bringing the outside in. Don’t just think greenery, it’s not only about what we see but what we can hear, can affect the way we feel and behave. With a creative license and some extra budget, the addition of flowing water can add a real point of difference to your office space. Views to the outside can also connect people with nature. Consider your lighting, views, and their relation to the workspaces you create.

Break-out zones create casual meeting places whether that be to take a short break and a stretch from the desk to make a coffee and have a chat with a co-worker or to sit and catch up on your minutes from that last meeting. Places where people can come together and feel supported and connected are integral to employee happiness.

3. Flexibility to Allow Adaptiveness:

Moveable furniture and space to adapt means you will be able to create a roster whereby staff interchange between working from home and working in the office. What does this do? a) It means you can fit more staff into your commercial space without the need to relocate b) You are set for changing circumstances around COVID-19 implications c) By forward-thinking your space you can create new workstations into the future.

4. Sustainability & Energy-efficiency:

Building and finishing materials need to be considered if you would like to do your bit to reduce our carbon footprint. There is obviously a lot more you can do if you’re building from scratch which rarely comes about when referring to commercial space – like using concrete, rammed earth, stone, and timber. If you can’t work from the outside in, then start on the inside. Office interior design with sustainable materials can create a unique and homely space for employees and visitors. You could potentially look around at the existing materials you have and consider whether they could be refurbished to fit your new space. When you utilise eco-friendly and recyclable materials, you’re adding to your rating as an energy efficient business.

Energy-efficiency. Double glazed doors and windows, insulated roofing, flooring materials, lighting and even the colours you choose all contribute to making your business more energy efficient. The aim is to turn down the air conditioner, reduce your energy bills and in effect you’ve made a positive change to your finances, your employees’ comfort, and our earth.

5. Style and colours

They come in and they go out. Our knowledge-base tells us that grey and vibrant yellow are the colours of optimism for 2022. What matters most is that when you’re working with your Interior Designer you have trust in knowing they are presenting what works best in-line with your brief, your brand, and your space. Whether your style is industrial, scandy, modern or rustic or your colours vibrant, cool and calm, pastel, warm, dark and moody, what you choose needs to fit your business and your space.

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