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by  Natassja Wynhorst

Modern working environments are moving more towards sustainability and energy saving approaches due to the increasing awareness of Global Warming. Being aware of your environment is an important facet to take into consideration and Wurkspace 7 promotes and incorporates this belief into every project. Staying sustainable and using energy wisely not only has an extensive green effect on the planet but it can also decrease the costs of your business.

Whilst there are the standards of NABERS, Green Star and The International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), let’s discuss a few modest aspects that impact your corporate carbon footprint. 

Changes to your Lighting
It goes without saying, artificial lighting consumes the most power in any working environment, yet there are numerous ways to decrease or avoid its impact. Constructing a building with the intention to let in extra natural lighting reduces the need for artificial lighting and ultimately cuts costs down. It is understandable this is not always the easiest case, in which offices are encouraged to implement lights responsive to occupancy, solar power, and simply turning off lights in unoccupied rooms. Energy efficient light bulbs use lower watts and last for longer periods of time, it is also possible to replace existing lights with CFL of LED lights.

Implement Solar Power
The installation of solar panels is an incredibly spectacular source of renewable energy. Solar panels are clean, long lasting and require very little upkeep and maintenance. Although there is the initial cost factor upon installation, solar power saves the business on energy and expenses in the long run whilst reducing the carbon footprint.

Know your Technology
The monitor size of a desktop contributes the unnecessary amount of energy consumed. In fact, laptops typically consume less energy than desktops and provide a more technologically agile working environment; it is important to keep these factors in mind when equipping a workspace. Employees should be aware of energy-saving features of appliances and electronics such as printers and microwaves. Modern technologies are all equipped with this feature and staff members need to be advised how to use it and to switch equipment off when not being utilised.  

Start Recycling
In the average office, waste is typically more than 80% recyclable. Implementing systems in place, such as colour coded bins, make it easier on staff to recycle items for landfill. Printing and posting documents is a common mistake rather than emailing when necessary, and if printing is essential, staff should print double-sided to reduce the office waste. Employees need to be encouraged to reuse office items where possible, such as packaging, boxes and stationary items.

The assessment of your company’s Management Practices is the catalyst to creating sustainable and energy efficient workplaces. Are you encouraging your employees to recycle? Are you promoting energy efficient ways of working?

Wurkspace 7 understands that having a sustainable office space is integral to the performance and outcome of a business and the planet. Wurkspace 7 focuses on ensuring all our services are designed to enhance the environment and source products from businesses with a genuine Green accreditation. Contact us today to find out how to reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

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