Short on office space? Here are 5 tips to maximise your office space

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Businesses are always trying to expand on profits, goals and their teams — but there isn’t always enough room to do so. Limited office space doesn’t mean you should be limited on expansion of your business. Even if you have a small office, you can make the space feel bigger and introduce other elements to make workers more comfortable and productive by introducing the follow tips.

  1. Maximising natural light

Most people work in office that are indoors and rarely see the natural light. Try rearranging your office to maximise as much natural light entering your office. Natural light has been proven to increase the mood of workers. By including as much natural light in the office it will ensure your office feels bigger and brighter.

  1. Introduce flexible workspaces and schedules

Consider introducing breakout spaces for workers that work independently throughout the day. This will allow groups of people to have discussions without disturbing those that require dependent working. Breakout spaces can even be as simple as some bean bags that can easily be moved in the appropriate meeting space. Theses spaces will enhance collaboration and give your workers a more informal place to work together and increase creativity.

If your workplace if too full of staff, consider allowing some members to work from home where appropriate.

  1. Promote cleanliness

If your office is lacking space, ensure you are maximising your space and prioritising a clean environment. Simple rules like ‘clean your desk Friday’ will ensure desks are less cluttered and prevent messy pile-ups. Investing in storage compartments and cabinetry will also decrease paper clutter. Not only will this be effective for space-saving but will also improve the overall feel and appearance of your office space.

  1. Functional Furniture

Most workers sit for the majority of the day so it’s important that your office furniture is both comfortable and functional. Investing in quality furniture will ensure your team feel comfortable and will prevent and OH&S issues including back pain. Standing desk are great option if you are tight on space and will also increase your staff’s health and productivity.

  1. Workplace culture through design

Workers will feel more connected to their role and the business by insuring workplace culture in the overall design. Branding doesn’t just show on your website and business cards but also in the physical workplace as well. Your workplace should have a distinct identity that gives your workers a constant reminder of why they’re here and why they should feel connected to the company. Simple additions, like motivational posters or painting your office the same colours as your logo, can have a positive effect.

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