Investment Range

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Choose your Investment Level: Platinum, Gold, Silver

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Your Workplace Transformation: Your Choice

Our three levels of service accommodate your budget and timeline

The choice is yours. Wurkspace 7’s three levels of project delivery are all identical in dedication to customer service and a quality result.

Choose the level of service best suited to your project and your budget and feel confident the result will be a fully optimised workspace you and your team will love.

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The Ultimate Creation of your Perfect Workspace

Platinum gives you the power to make a dramatic first impression. It also gives you the power of choice and the ability to minimise your timeline. This package allows for the latest technology, premium fixtures, fittings and décor. It works with tight timeframes, difficult access, challenging layouts. It can solve any problem and deliver a stunning workplace created exactly to your specifications and showcasing the latest in office design.

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Achieve Office Optimisation without Breaking the Budget

Accessible, Stylish, Incredible Value for Money

With access to high-quality choices for your internal décor, the Gold package accommodates tight timeframes, complexity of scope, staging and in-built technology without a top tier price. It’s the perfect middle ground, priced to create a result that delights your customers and keeps your staff productive and happy in their new working environment. You’ll love the final result, and you’ll find value in your investment.

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Well suited to projects with a clear-cut scope, few variations and a flexible timeframe. Décor will be eye-catching and workmanship top quality. If your plans are not complex and your technology is simple, this level of investment will allow you to save on project costs while enjoying the same level of service excellence every Wurkspace 7 project receives.

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Let’s talk about what Wurkspace7 can do for your business.

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Book a FREE one hour consultation to discuss how your next project can be built to reflect your expertise.
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