Office Design Trends for 2019: Old Meets New

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Old Meets New

We near the end of this four-part series, exploring predicted workplace design trends for 2019, with the third trend being an integration of many influences, concepts and past trends. So, what can you expect from Wurkspace 7’s third predicted trend on the rise for the year?

Old Meets New

What has fallen out of favour in the workplace design industry, will once again gain popularity. The trend of old concepts meeting new concepts follows this phenomenon, bringing fresh life into stunning older-style buildings.

Areas such as deserted manufacturing plants and warehouses, where old buildings contain venerable craftsmanship and brick and steel structures will get a second lease of life with this trend, as they will be redesigned and refitted to accommodate modern facilities.

Old meets new

This will create a harmonious balance between what is old and what is new, allowing ageless features to blend with modern furniture and décor. Not only that, this trend will allow these unconventional spaces to effortlessly maintain an inherent connection to the past.

Features of the trend may include:

  • Weathered textures,
  • Smooth and soft textures,
  • Modern design accents,
  • Old-world craftsmanship,
  • Glass and metals,
  • Modern furniture and office equipment, and
  • Coverings with abstract designs.

The design trend of old meets new in the workplace is a trend that Wurkspace 7 predicts to become extremely popular as it will influence creative, unique and innovative spaces; a value among many modern employees and millennials.

Are you looking to relocate to a larger workplace for the better of your employees and business? Perhaps the transition into a refitted, yet older building may be the next step for your organisation.

Contact Wurkspace 7 today for an obligation free consultation to find out if this is your next strategic step in 2019.

by Natassja Wynhorst

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