Your Office in 2020 and Beyond

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Office Beyond 2020

We have discussed the kinds of workplace trends that modern organisations are now embracing on numerous accounts, including the Activity Based Working (ABW) and collaborative working approaches, rather than segregated cubicle offices. But what is the next shift in our working environment? Here are some workplace trends that could be making an appearance in 2020 and beyond.

Businesspeople Sitting Outdoors And Using Laptop

The workplace garage

Apple, Amazon, Google and Microsoft. What do these organisations have in common? They were started in someone’s garage at home. In a world of growing innovation, perhaps workplaces will be soon designed to reflect and evoke the “scrappy entrepreneur spirit”. It’s all down to create a workspace that fosters creativity and make all individuals feel included in the process.

A people metrics focus

At the moment, there is a lot of emphasis on the workplace’s space metrics, but that is slowly shifting down the hierarchy of concerns in the modern working environment. People metrics is steadily climbing up the hierarchy ladder of priorities, focusing on the attraction and retention of new talent. Perhaps we soon will see a workplace trend of designing for the future worker.

Immersive environments

We have already seen the evolution of the office space from cubicles to open office plans. Immersive environments take into consideration the lessons learned from both workplace design strategies and tailors them to meet the company needs and outcomes.

Are you ready for some new trends in your workplace? Embracing change allows your organisation to embrace success through adaptability. Contact Wurkspace 7 today to find out we can prepare you for the future.

by Natassja Wynhorst

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