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less is more

“Don’t use a lot where a little will do.” -Proverb

Less Office Space, More Productivity

With Wurskpace7 Optimum Workspace, less is more. How does Wurkspace7 make this possible?

Wurkspace7 optimises your workspace so your team achieves more. We work with you to create workplace optimisation strategies that enhance your work environment and improve business performance.

Wurkspace7 Your Optimum Workspace

Optimised workspaces lay the environment for total productivity and innovative outcomes. These are engineered space that allows for work and worker to be in sync. These are creative settings which focus on what makes work quicker, better and dispenses with things that slow it down.

Excessive space is no longer an advantage – in fact, it is the opposite. It can be a real estate expense and may hamper communication because of the long distance.

Space Optimisation that works for you

By reasoning your use of space, you can achieve a more comfortable, efficient and productive workplace. The best result is achieved when your company culture is considered in your office design.

We can implement new, more efficient ways of working. We can craft paths for chance meetings, including nooks, or open breakout spaces. We can design agile, unique workspaces to promote collaboration, creativity, and productivity for your modern office.

We start with an innovative floor plan that maps the use of every single space from hallways to landings, and place furniture where hot-deskers can work and impromptu meetings can take place. Should your business be strapped for space, we can inventively use open areas to hold large meetings that allow staff to sit or stand and participate from the stairs. Multipurpose spaces are now highly being utilised for everything, from multimedia presentations to casual breakout huddles.

So, if your company is beginning to critically evaluate your space usage. You are on the right track. Fast track your office space optimisation with Wurkspace7 today.

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