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When thinking of a renovation or workplace move that involves a new design and fitout you should consider the following factors.

1. ROI:

Be careful not to over-capitalise. Consider your location and your objectives in terms of operational improvement. There is a real opportunity to increase profits by decreasing overheads when re-designing a workspace.

2. Full turn-key solution:

One place. One solution. Wurkspace 7 take the stress out of the process by providing a full-service office fit out solution. From workplace strategy to design, construction and handover. Our model gets your project delivered smarter, faster and to budget.

3. One point of contact:

Communication is key. Our Design Relationship Manager will be your one point of contact at all times through the process, understanding your project goals and delivering to them is guaranteed.

4. Green Star Environmental Rating:

Wherever possible we do endeavour to reduce the environmental impact of development and adhere to the criteria of the Green Star Environmental Rating System.

5. Quality:

We endeavour to design with Australian products, so we are supporting local and building to high standards. Our construction teams are dedicated to delivering to the best standard possible.

6. Timing: 

We meet timeframes and often exceed our client’s expectations when delivering. Our timelines are developed right and agreed to right at the beginning, so you can be assured our team is striving to deliver to your timeline, at all times.

7. Attracting and Retaining Staff:

Making the decision to re-design your workplace can have a significant impact on the wellbeing of your staff. We will design a human-centered workplace catered specifically for its users. Aesthetics and functionality are goals we are always certain to achieve, all while meeting our shared vision. Your staff will want to stay and new staff will want to join.

8. Staging Site Works:

We can also work with you to have the project delivered in stages, so that your business can remain operational while we transform your workplace.

9. Safety and Compliance:

We are accident free with the highest safety measures and protocol in place to avoid risk of workplace injury. Workplace safety and training is one of our key priorities and our insurances are in place, so you can be rest assured.

10. Corporate Branding and Governance:

We ensure that your businesses branding and purpose is communicated in your workplace. We understand your business and your people; communicating corporate governance into a design is always rewarding.


If you’re considering re-designing your workplace, please call our experienced team on 1800 973 836 or email

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