It’s a Competitive Advantage to You

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Over the past month, we have explored the details of the modern multigenerational workforce that is taking over, not only the nation but the world. Many topics have been discussed regarding this, and yet some view this diversity of generations as a hindrance rather than a growth.

Having multiple generations working within your organisation can actually be a distinct competitive advantage in today’s marketplace. The different ideas, knowledge and experiences from a broader group of employees can serve the company well and help others excel in their workplace.

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With so many unique dynamics in a multigenerational organisation, each employee must lead and learn from each other.

What do I mean by this?

wurkspace 7 -multi-generational-staffSimply, organisational success requires each employee to demonstrate leadership in three key areas: In leading themselves without supervision, in leading peers, and in leading upward by asking their management the right questions and not delegating their problems to them. This kind of focus on leadership engages the Millennials specifically, and also builds bridges between each generation.

Also, multiple generations in the workplace facilitate a great opportunity for people to learn from one another and gain a different perspective on the same ideas. “Reverse Mentoring” refers to younger and older employees working together to help each other in learning new techniques and ideas.

Leveraging the multigenerational workforces’ benefits creates a great competitive advantage to your organisation, whether it be through collaboration, new ideas, different perspectives and even different experiences. This creates an engaging environment, better productivity and an overall increase in workplace happiness.

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by Natassja Wynhorst