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Google LA Office

Last week we began exploring the way in which modern commercial designs are incorporating the historical architecture of their buildings to create a unique workplace environment that promotes productivity and collaboration.

This week, we will look at another famous example of the fusion of modernism and history as we enter Google’s office in Los Angeles.

Google LA Offices

Google, Los Angeles

This particularly unique space has been revamped from an original 1940’s timber-framed aircraft hangar, of which famed producer and aviator, Howard Hughes, built his Spruce Goose.

The design approach constructed a series of new buildings with aeronautical forms within the hangar, whilst leaving plenty of visual lines to span the full length of the space and emphasise its enormity. Like Gusto’s workplace, each meeting and breakout room has been designed and named in alignment with aviation themes.

Google, and as explored last week, Gusto, incorporate the unique elements of their building’s historical architecture and have allowed for high ceilings, open plans, an abundance of natural lighting, creating the perfect balance of history and modernism in successful office conversions. Such design aspects improve employee moods, collaboration and creative thinking, along with the unique elements attracting unique talent from across the world.

The incorporation of historical architecture within modern workplaces can change the atmosphere of the workplace environment into a collaborative, exciting and creative space.

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by Natassja Wynhorst

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