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The key to the success of your office fit out project is making sure the plan we create is aligned with the objectives you have for your workspace. We call it our 3D process. Only then can we be confident we are giving you the ideal workplace optimisation. Better still, the way we work allows the design and build phases to work concurrently, saving you both time and money.


We use a combination of qualitative research (interviews, discussions, observations) and quantitative research (surveys, calculations, data gathering) to establish your business’ ideal workplace strategy. Every part of the solution we create is backed up with the evidence we gather. We believe this first step is the most crucial part of our service to you. Get it right, the rest will follow, and the result will be exactly as you planned.


The next step turns the knowledge we’ve gathered into a tangible, achievable plan. Our architects, office interior design experts and draftspeople collaborate to bring the ideas and solutions created during the Discover process to a construction and office fit out program that works with your existing dimensions, budget and timeline and reflects your culture, staff requirements and future goals for your business.


Your project will then be assigned its own overarching Project Manager, a dedicated Construtction Manager and a Site Manager. Together these professionals know exactly how to bring your plans to life within your required timeframe and set budget.

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