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As an organisation, Wurkspace 7 offers individuals an exciting and proficient workplace environment. With our recent office upgrades to the location and size of the Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane office’s, we can cater to all staff, offering a workplace that enhances productivity and workplace experience by valuing all employees.

Our facilitation of a stable working environment, and expert guidance and support for future career growth has resulted in Wurkspace 7 being one of the most favoured companies for employment within the industry. 

Why work for Wurkspace 7?

  • Enjoy a fresh and collaborative environment,
  • Collaborate with a diverse and vibrant group,
  • Indulge in an assortment of work,
  • We are an Australian organisation,
  • Operating for over two decades, we have the knowledge and expertise to nurture your career,
  • The ability to participate in career programs,
  • Guidance and support for career movement and growth, and
  • Feel at home at any of our major offices, Australia wide.


Wurkspace 7 values the strive for further education within the industry, and support all pathways entering the field. Contact us today for your future Apprenticeship.


Current Opportunities

Are you searching for a workplace where you can see your skills and expertise being effectively utilised, acknowledge and rewarded?

Send your resume and cover letter to Wurkspace 7 today, outlining your experience and why you believe you will be an asset to our team.

Note: You should have the privilege to work in Australia to apply for any position. If you require further information, please email

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