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deloitte montreal

2015 Work Design featured Projects

The 10 most popular projects in 2015 as featured in Work Design highlighting themes that embrace community, innovation and mobility.

TM Advertising Office Designer: Gensler Location: Dallas, Texas

TM Advertising’s unconventional redesign of its 46,000 square feet Dallas Office.

Theme: Light and bright, ‘casual, creative professionalism’


CMS London said goodbye to the stale, impersonal corporate look and hello to their new, dynamic -totally mobile office.

Theme: Progressive, agile workspaces in an open plan collaborative environment


Breather’s new HQ in Montreal is a definition of their business – full of cozy getaway spaces designed to delight, inspire and help you chill out.

Theme: Light infused, ‘Breather space’: beautiful, aspirational, quirky, kick-your-feet-up chill


Fast growing tech company, Solebrity — a portmanteau of “social” and “celebrity” designed their workspace to support their second-to-none culture.

Theme: Open window walls painted with inspired clever text and images


There are no individual offices, no cubicles, and there’s definitely no lack of creativity in the 30,000 square foot Pluralsight space.

Theme: ‘Working, playing and winning together’

Deloitte Montreal

The newest Deloitte office in Canada is breaking down barriers in traditional office design as it feature both public and private workstations, communal and social workspaces throughout its 7 floor headquarters.

Theme: Brand new design catering to a wide variety of work styles


At the forefront of workplace evolution is Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America’s (MBRDNA) intelligent boutique building.

Theme: Elegance and innovation meets collaboration and integration


AIREA STUDIO believes that people need a variety of spaces to do their work. They showcase this philosophy in their open to public, 2500 square foot showroom, work lounge and event space.

Theme: Highly flexible evolving space featuring 11 different work-zones


IdeaPaint seamlessly blended the brand into both a working showroom and an office environment that suits their company culture.

Theme: Open environment which provides opportunities for serendipitous brainstorm


Intergraph‘s new office demonstrates the transparency and technical innovation characteristic of the company itself.

Theme: Collaborative, open and industrial design with no individual and private offices (not even senior leadership gets a private office)

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Source: WorkDesign

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