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Does your office have this common problem?

Common office problems you might be ignoring all this time. If you have one of these common office problems, now...
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How do you transform your office culture?

Don’t just create an office, create a culture space! An office is more than bricks and mortar.  Often, success hinges...
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What do amazing offices have in common?

Our Senior Interior Architectural Designer, Natalie Newton, talks about what makes an amazing office. “As a professional Interior Designer with...
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office setting

Have you tried our FREE Office Fitout Cost Estimator Tool

Office fitouts can be stressful, time-consuming and costly, but not with Wurkspace7! Wurkspace7 is your local Perth office fitout team comprised...
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Are you losing good staff because of a bad office fitout?

Is your office fitout a reason for staff to stay, or leave? In this modern age, knowledge workers are becoming more valuable...
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Office Transformation

Why your own office could be your biggest investment?

Office transformation pays big dividends. ROI is a common term in corporate business. But do you understand your own office...
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