Fit-Out Planning

Short on office space? Here are 5 tips to maximise your office space

February 12, 2020InDesign, Business, Fit-Out Planning, Workplace Design
Businesses are always trying to expand on profits, goals and their teams — but there isn’t always enough room to do so. Limited office space doesn’t mean you should be limited on expansion of your business. Even if you have a small office, you can make the space feel bigger and introduce other elements to...
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Mistakes Ignoring Basics
Here we reach the end of this month’s four-part series discussing the most common mistake made when designing workspaces. We have divulged into the ramifications of not listening to employees, incorporating too many gimmicks and assuming one size fits all, and we now wrap it up with one of the most important considerations when designing...
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Mistakes One Size Fits All
We near the end of our four-part series this month, discussing the four most common, yet avoidable, mistakes seen when diving into the design of your new workplace. We have explored the ramifications of not listening to the employees and implementing too many gimmicks, with this series’ second-last ‘mistake’ being the assumption that one size...
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Mistakes Gimmicks
Last week we began to divulge into the four most common mistakes that are seen and can be avoided when designing a new workplace. Now we have addressed the importance of listening to your employees’ needs, let’s discuss further into the second most commonly seen mistake: Gimmicks. Too many gimmicks Within the workforce, there has...
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It is common when designing a new workplace that the client or company can get caught up in the idea and excitement of an open-plan office or a ping-pong table in the break room, they lose sight of the bigger picture. A new workplace design must work for all employees, and align with the company...
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Wasted Space

Are You Wasting Money on Wasted Space?

November 21, 2018InFit-Out Planning
Good space utilisation is often a common factor found in successful workplaces, yet it also often one of the most overlooked factors by most organisations, as they waste as much as half their space. Good space utilisation is often a common factor found in successful workplaces, yet it also often one of the most overlooked...
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Breakeven calculator
Workplace design has the most significant impact on the level of employee productivity and motivation. With this in mind, how exactly can you create a workplace environment in which promotes the highest levels of productivity? Here are some tips Wurkspace 7 has put together to assist you with your workplace transformation. Designing for your staff...
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Why you need a serendipitous space

July 24, 2018InDesign, Fit-Out Planning
Have you bumped into a person, or an idea, or a resource that was precisely what you needed at that exact moment in time? These ‘happy chances’ are what lead to meaningful, engaging and even transformative experiences; but how often do you bump into someone in your office? Most offices are designed to keep staff...
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For the last few years, office design and constructions have been seeing the use of cubicles slowly disappear from corporate environments. Open office concepts are becoming increasingly popular in terms of functionality and aesthetics, whereas cubicles are now being seen as impersonal and outdated. This move seeks to create workplace synergy and collaboration, yet some...
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Okay as is

June 27, 2018InBusiness, Fit-Out Planning
Have you thought about how well you’re using each square meter of your current office? Do you think you are getting value for money, or just wasting space? Downsizing your office could be your solution. Let’s talk about some of the key benefits a smaller office space can have. Save on costs You pay for...
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Advancing Communication Through Workplace Design

June 20, 2018InBusiness, Fit-Out Planning
Have you thought about the significance of communication within your business? Communication within the workplace is a greater integral factor within an efficient workplace than most initially believe. So how can you advance your workplace communication through design? Dedicating a breakroom The habit of staff members eating at desks has a negative impact on the...
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Are you aware of these 5 workplace risks?

May 14, 2018InBusiness, Fit-Out Planning
Assessing risk within your businesses workplace should be a daily process. However, some businesses may only assess risks directly affecting their revenue, when in fact they should be assessing the risks exposed to the employees. Have you thought about what may be affecting your staff recently? Are your staff stressed? Are you aware that work-related...
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