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17 Jan
W7 Seven Habits of Highly Effective Workplaces
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Workplaces

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23 Nov
Wurkspace7 industrial office design
The Industrial Office Design

Practical, visually attractive, wider and more open than ever before, the industrial office design aka ‘industrial look‘, garage aesthetic or warehouse styled office design has gained prominence over recent years. This trendy alternative design aesthetic for modern workplaces is now considered synonymous with brave and bold, innovative and organic organisational structures. What used to be...

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23 Nov
W7 Office morale booster
How to Boost Staff Morale through Office Design

How influential is your office design? Your office design is simply more than brick and mortar. Ultimately, it can be the basis for how your employees perceive and approach their jobs, both individually and en masse. By strategically positioning your workspace to both facilitate and resource the day-to-day tasks of Staff, plus integrating details to...

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14 Sep
W7 Triple C of high performance workplace
Crafting Workplaces that Work

Increasingly, smart businesses are championing strategic design and construction to produce a high-performance workplace. These progressive organisations understand that effective workplaces improve productivity, reduce spatial expense, and transform staff experience, thereby creating space for innovation and improvement in market positioning. High Performing Workplaces: are up to 12%  more productive profitable than their peers are up...

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06 Jul
less is more
Less is More with Wurkspace7

“Don’t use a lot where a little will do.” -Proverb Less Office Space, More Productivity With Wurskpace7 Optimum Workspace, less is more. How does Wurkspace7 make this possible? Wurkspace7 optimises your workspace so your team achieves more. We work with you to create workplace optimisation strategies that enhance your work environment and improve business performance. Wurkspace7...

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05 Jul
Lockton Group
How to design an office that is always in style

Office design matters, whether your business is big or small. Office design is not only for your customers but more for staff. Building an environment that reflects the personality of your workforce and the character of your brand is key for organisations to truly thrive. Seven Seconds to Make a First Impression Everybody knows how...

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20 Apr
Zonaspace co-working atmosphere
A Celebration of Space: Alternative Office Ideas That Work

How many hours do you work in your lifetime? The average person spends 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime, and 80,000 hours of that being seated. But, that was then, the workplace as we know it is undergoing a major sociological shift, one fueled by our reliance on technology, employees’ desire for greater control...

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13 Mar
WeWork Washington
Flexible Office Anyone?

The rise of flexible workspace In a published article, Colliers International reports about the ‘Rise of Flexible Office Space‘. Global demand for flexible workspace is rising due to: – the influx of new generation workers – increased attention to technology and innovation – the rise of flexible working operators offering serviced offices and co-working spaces...

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10 Mar
Why Office Perks are dumb
Are Office Perks Getting ‘Out of Hand’?

A recently published article from WSJ calls ‘office perks’ dumb. Article reads… In a desperate bid to retain young workers, advertising agencies have started to look more like startups, hoping that chill vibes will keep people from quitting. The office ping-pong table is insulting to the intelligence of employees. We all want to be happy...

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07 Mar
Top 7 Ways to Save
Top 7 Ways to Save on your Office in Tough Times

WURKSPACE7’S TOP 7 WAYS TO TURN TOUGH TIMES INTO TRANSFORMATION OPPORTUNITIES Over and again throughout history, adversity has acted as a catalyst for tremendous opportunity. The economic pressures connected with business growth have favoured a widespread downsizing trend, with decentralisation and budget rationalisation resulting in diminished CBD space options. One of the upsides of an uncertain...

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15 Mar
deloitte montreal
Best Workplace Projects

2015 Work Design featured Projects The 10 most popular projects in 2015 as featured in Work Design highlighting themes that embrace community, innovation and mobility. TM Advertising’s unconventional redesign of its 46,000 square feet Dallas Office. Theme: Light and bright, ‘casual, creative professionalism’   CMS London said goodbye to the stale, impersonal corporate look and...

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