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28 Jun
What are the components of smarter offices?

Smart offices support better brand identity, culture and performance.  They maximise spatial efficiency and improve outcomes. Quite simply, they make sense. Whether you’re looking to renovate, refurbish or relocate office space, every square metre should be working as hard as you do.  Raising your infrastructure’s I.Q. depends on the strategic arrangement of your architectural space, your technology and your people to really achieve organisational outcomes.  People How energised is your workforce? How engaged is...

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23 Apr
Influencing Workplace Design
What’s Influencing Workplace Design?

As experts within the workplace design and construct industry with a passion to provide the best possible project delivery to all clients, Wurkspace 7 continuously develops and follows new research within the industry. This allows us to help you understand how businesses are evolving, how to keep up with the competitors, or surpass them, and...

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16 Apr
The Ride of Living Walls
The Rise of Living Walls

Biophilic design and living walls have become increasingly more common place as businesses are realising the extensive benefits the natural environment and elements have on their employee’s work ethic and productivity. The awareness of biophilic design has skyrocketed and now leading design and construct companies are now referring to it as an expectation within the...

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09 Apr
Google LA Office
History in the Workplace: Google

Last week we began exploring the way in which modern commercial designs are incorporating the historical architecture of their buildings to create a unique workplace environment that promotes productivity and collaboration. This week, we will look at another famous example of the fusion of modernism and history as we enter Google’s office in Los Angeles....

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02 Apr
Union Iron Works Plant at Potrero, 1880s
History in the Workplace: Gusto

Office buildings around the world have been reimagined from old, industrial warehouses into unique, collaborative corporate environments. This trend is one that has grown exponentially over the years, but there is something bigger brewing in the design and construct industry. Workspace projects are now being designed in a manner to preserve the unique and fascinating...

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20 Mar
Dubai Skyline
The World’s Most Intelligent Offices: The Burj Khalifa

This week we reach the end of this month’s series exploring some of the world’s most intelligent and sustainable buildings. So far, we have visited the Capital Tower in Singapore, the Duke Energy Center in the USA, and The Crystal in the United Kingdom. This week we will end with another famous landmark, this time...

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13 Mar
London Skyline
The World’s Most Intelligent Offices: The Crystal

Throughout this month, Wurkspace 7 has been taking you on a global tour of the world’s most intelligent business buildings that are utilising strategic approaches towards the Internet of Things (IoT) and sustainable practices. Smart designs such as this, influence greater efficiency and effectiveness in the way the building is utilised by employees and management....

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06 Mar
Charlotte North Carolina Skyline
The World’s Most Intelligent Offices: Duke Energy Center

Last week, Wurkspace 7 began the global tour of various intelligent buildings that are shaping the way modern workplaces can and should be designed and constructed. We began exploring the unique intelligent and sustainable aspects of the Capital Tower in Singapore, and now we are flying over to North Carolina (NC) in the USA. Duke...

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27 Feb
The World’s Most Intelligent Offices: Capital Tower

The IoT facilitate systems that deliver useful information that is more accurate than ever before. The end goal of this is to provide the best possible experience for all building tenants through greater performance and the driving of real values.

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17 Feb
What Australia can learn from Spain
What Australia Can Learn from Spain: Location

Spain is currently the third, right behind the United States and the United Kingdom, world leader of co-working, flexible work space growth. We have discussed how Spain has come to this position and their response toward workplace design..

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10 Feb
What Australia can learn from Spain
What Australia Can Learn from Spain: Their Response to Workspace Design

The trends of the Spanish market have changed from conservative workspace design, referring to enclosed space and hierarchical focuses, to more agile environments with open-plan designs; influencing, as mentioned last week..

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03 Feb
What Australian can learn from Spain
What Australia Can Learn From Spain

Throughout this month, Wurkspace 7 will be taking you through a three-part series discussing specific elements of Spain’s work force and exploring what aspects Australia can implement. Spain is currently one of the world’s leading nations referring to co-working, flexible…

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