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Zenitas Healthcare

Office Interior Design Melbourne
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Melbourne, VIC
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8 Weeks

Zenitas Healthcare Limited

Zenitas Healthcare Limited is a community-based healthcare provider focused on providing in-home and in-clinic care solutions that are primarily aimed at reducing the high cost of acute care.

After coming from a humble beginning, and thriving throughout the past five years, Zenitas presented Wurkspace 7 with the need of creating an open and human-centric space, in which reflected a holistic perspective whilst remaining anti-bureaucratic, friendly and simple.

Wurkspace 7 successfully delivered this through a sophisticated, timeless and simplistic design. The Melbourne based workspace is designed to support a flexible, strong work culture and inviting working environment, through the development of open human-centric spaces with honest, natural materials, a neutral colour palette and residential accents.

The textures incorporated into the design offer an ease in wayfinding and comfort, facilitating a balance between modernism and timelessness, influencing staff wellness and motivation.

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